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black thought – tony touch freestyle lyrics


[verse 1: black thought]
to the best of my knowledge i guess that i’m fresh
when i manifest
hold up dog
yo tone it’s the john
it’s the professional
i make your girl get extra low
i’m from south with a border like mexico
jaws talking bout they love me like x and o
cause their man pop early like plaxico
not conceptual, unexceptional, hundred dollar bills filled of cocaine residue
got you off your deed i’m ten steps ahead of you
fresher than a 1985 fresh festival, live
one time for my hoods and my barrios
bloods, crips, latin kings, trinitarios
in the hood staying dipped like oreos
even with a moms on their sh-t like marios
from the illadelph valley side of things
and embalmed in my words in the valley of the kings
when i finish y’all, i ring alarms like tenor saw
and rage war with a renascence, ya’ll better get it far
rest in peace, j. dilla
the legendary roots crew from the city of philla
yup, mines the math
though i rocks the mic and never got to past
but i got your -ss
listen, uh
well, i’m a legend in my own time
look at y’all, just a legend in your own mind
i let the drum talk to me cause it don’t lie
a lot of rappers try to k!ll it but they don’t die
keep them coming back and feel it like a throatpie
la vida loca, from something toke to this
grand imperial, hall of fame material
black, general 215, name rank and cereal
my thing highly flammable
i bang like a hammer do
swine flu, bird flu, and every type of animal
i’m immune to tamiflu
i’ll be god d-mn if you
insane and bananas too
my bling is intangible
well it’s the jet li
i’m working on your requiem
step in a party everybody scream, “that’s him!”
i push a fast bm
black gray gatsby and
my gats be in the
belfry that the bats be in
a box is what you never gonna catch me in
if this the last day and times n-gga
cash in
looks like a job for a conquerer
top mr third mr swerve mr popular
you kinda finished
can’t see it with binoculars
rather have a fish bone lodged in your esophogus
you ever heard of the world?
i’m on top of this
still the most properest
y’all know what the gospel is
bless the child
i ain’t wind up a x-file
after {???} self imposed exile
i reimerged cut from a different textile
they say i’m just wild
waiting on my next trial
i’ve always been the n-gga with the most fresh style
in ’98 i rocked what you copped just now
i had dreams like akira kurosawa
and realized my meteoric rise to power
they say i drive 220 miles per hour
sixteen bars: 220 thousand dollars
[???]about it
reliant hypnotic
the game full of too many funny clowns and cowards
son of a’slam aleik-m
i’m an abomination
a marijuana patient
with grammy nominations
if everything and everybody in their proper places
black thought is out his mind he on that outer sp-ce sh-t
spotted on the red carpet steppin’ out a sp-ce ship
with a gl-ss of shiraz and two around the way chicks
nowadays don’t n0body say sh-t
you don’t want to see me get up on my modern day sh-t
try to tell you thought’s dangerous
can’t n0body hang with this great
translated into 80 different languages
websters and cambridges
every day the chamber switch
grown–ss man
i don’t know who the f-ck you playing with
i leave with heads in my
take-away-from-dinner bag
wicked grin like mahmoud ahmedinijad
never been a nice n-gga cuz they finish last
i’m a menace
that’s what i’ma be remembered as