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blackliq – rhyme lyrics


for this i live and die all in the name of the rhyme

[verse 1]

its the feeling that i get when my problems they disappear
its the process not the product reflection without a mirror

its the fear of disappointing the l+st of the transmission
its the session and the learnin that only come from the livin

its the limits not the premise, power beyond the word
its the pen its the moment the minutes its bein heard
its the start not the finish, image that’s in my mind
its the only time that i feel free, its time

that i spent never wasted even when i was wasted
every line that i copied and pasted my tested patience

its ovations in locations its fun its everything
being while becoming learnin how to breath and mc

its conception ill conceived perceived by those received
as a product its my heart on the sleeve or cd

or the stream or the screens its me, my silent screams
losin sleep for the dream its me, and i believe in the….


i started out with poetry hopin no one would notice me
i faced poverty placed priority on my story the

only way out was the only way in
i chose being patient when people thought i was waitin

i’ve turned down women made good bad decisions
and bad good decisions while livin all my lyrics
the only thing it ever took from me is time
for this i live and die all in the name of rhyme

[verse 2]

my mind doesn’t work like these others but i discovered
that for me there is no other this is my bread and b+tter

for this, i’ve chose to suffer told it cover to cover
from this, i’ve met my brothers sisters lovers recovered

pieces, of my puzzle i struggled but i’ve survived
i’ve put pride to the side i’ve done what others tried

i’ve told, truth when they told me to lie for the rhyme
even if it meant that i wouldn’t shine in front of blind

this is my, window to soul my ode to this that i owe
for all the no’s that felt like a blow to the nose

undisclosed, open to close i’ve worked hard to take hold
then let it go, cuz really that’s how it goes

this is goals, when no one is there and no one cares
this is my moment to prove i am here, that i am rare
this is my legacy, written upon this earth
this is more than i deserve the gift that come from curse