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blacksmith sundays – 10 seconds lyrics



the dopest out when it comes to this music

i only need the first 10 seconds to prove it
don′t try to confuse this
with any motherf+cker who thinking they can do this
the flow is too fluid
my pen game is something i remain insane with
a style that you just can’t get
coming for nothing less than everything i deserve
i′m big game hunting
my opposition’s no competition
they stay fronting
a young warrior conquering when he’s in the field
gotta keep it moving
can′t live life sitting still
k!lling these rap n+ggas until i hit a mil
and the slaughter won′t stop until i get my fill
looking for my next victim i can hook and k!ll
silver grill in my mouth got me looking trill
they say it pays to be the boss and i took the deal
knowing i can lose it all but now i can foot the bill
in the lab making heat like i’m cooking meals
and when they getting served
you start to dive in and digest every word
way ahead of the curve
got the nerve to make the world go bat sh+t
ever since the day i became active
predator beast mode with the survival tactics
you playing for keeps while i′m playing with all the cheat codes
ice cold with a below thirty degrees flow

staying on my young man boss sh+t
grinding 365
never exhausted
got more energy than a metallica mosh pit
charisma dripping out of me like a running faucet
started stacking and caked up
a lot of time was made it the more that i aged up
used to want to run the city
now the world is mine to shake up
there’s only room for me with all the sp+ce that i take up
when i was coming up i was nothing but
a young hot head ready whenever to knuckle up
pop′s said only a coward starts with a sucker punch
so i made sure they saw me coming with an uppercut
they try to copy like they getting it
but ain’t live when they spitting sh+t
you can hear the differences
throughout all my rhyme sentences
never been innocent
n+ggas know to say my name right when they mention it

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