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blake fades – warzone flow lyrics


don’t go running across that field in warzone get your head popped

10k loadout need a whole kit
m4 lit got 50 in the stick
bounty on me go ahead come get it
whole team strapped and you know
we all with it
pop uav and we see 2 ops
+gunfire+ now they in the gulag
no cold blood ’cause the boy too hot
might get the kilo with the whole 100 shots
ax+50 go live no thermal
hop in the whip and i dip im swerving
see a team lacking pull up serve ’em
boys too weak get the h+ll out my server
plates on full man them boys can’t stop me
2 guys up hope my aim ain’t sloppy
downed the guy on the left
right guy shot me
c4 alley oop sent him to the lobby