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blaklez & pdot o – banana clips lyrics



[chorus: blaklez]

[verse 1: blaklez]
these n+ggas can’t f+ck with us, run for cover when trouble come
i [?] with the [?] son
play with me then your time will come
f+ck with me, though there’s probably none
[?] suckers like bobby gun
clapping n+ggas my hobby don, suggest you don’t try me son
flap your gums, n+ggas drawin’ burners quick to f+ck you up
anybody can get it no matter who the f+ck you are
you gassed and pumped up! til they c+ck a glock and pump you up
you wanna conjure up schemes to murder me, we hunt you bruh
smack a shuffle in your face, better watch what the f+ck you say
made it out my hungry days and straightened out my cruddy ways
you dudes is bummy ayе, hatin’ skewing funny faces
quick to get your hunniеs slayed ’cause you f+ck with a thotty bae
alpha male sh+t, yeah we dominate the jungle bruh
it’s not a idle threat, yeah we make you treble, we humble ya
press up my way to the top, ultimate warrior
when it’s time to go it’s time to go, we on double dutch

[chorus: blaklez]
[verse 2: pdot o]
pass the spliff, let me puff a lil’ some’n’ some’n’
n+ggas actin’ macho, puff chest like it’s trouble comin’
i keep the doobie runnin’, bully with the uzi clutchin’
pra+pra+pra, the tool+y bustin’ rounds, better run and tuck in
my n+ggas gambinos, you n+ggas moleanos
i pump action, my words piff, we the new sopranos
we crusin’ high notes, my n+ggas i know
up up in them guts, f+ck a b+tch, she hittin’ high notes
this sh+t a landslide
flyer than handglides
i kamikaze the booth quick, then leave a bad sight
so pass the yellow tape, meditate with a 38
i’m kevin gates my n+gga, i terminate then dig you a grave
maybe dig in the crates, now you comin’ of age
a straight animal, my habitat still in the cave
but f+ck out my face before we move you to the f+ckin’ grave
you f+ckin’ with a great, make no mistake cause we the f+ckin’ [?]

[chorus: blaklez]

[verse 3: n’veigh]
game changers, the gun here ring like insane rangers
same gang as buck, so you n+ggas stuck with the same danger
+gun shots+ you hear that gun sing?
n+gga you can’t change us
can’t stand with us ’cause you buggin’, n+gga we gang bangers
can’t hang with us ’cause we run with insane shooters
strange rugers, that got 45’s and that ain’t cougars
can’t do this, the gat full of magic you can’t move us
main dude is, here cut from the fabric that can’t suit us
got a gang full of n+ggas that can’t ignore sh+t
smooth criminals, rob you n+ggas rockin’ velore sh+t
that bored sh+t, poppin’ all night, latest couture sh+t
they sold dope but now they off white, virgil abloh sh+t, uh
i’m heat gaging my n+gga, f+ck a thermometer
catch a body quick ’cause that friend i got is a coroner
you commoners forgot that a n+gga’s gotta be ominous
because of us, only thing n+ggas run is kilometres, b+tch!
[chorus: blaklez]