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blessthefall – ’till the death of me lyrics


“’till the death of me”

save me, i’m looking in from the outside
save me, as water fills my lungs
save me, i’m reaching up for the surface
save me before i choke

take me on, i’m here, i’m ready

i don’t want to live forever
i just want to live for you
if this world falls down around us
we’ll be here shining through

and i know sometimes we move too fast
and leave our ghosts behind us
but now they’re in front of me
don’t give up on me just yet
i know that you won’t, i’m too hard to forget
is this really what you want for me?
now i need to believe
is this really where you want me to be
this is our struggle, we need to believe

when i’m gone don’t cry for me
my spirit will live on
if you put your faith in me i could be the one
i’ll live on

i still believe

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