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blinded by faith – dead end lyrics


we shared the same name
we played the same game
this game called existence
but you were just a bit too intense

you looked at life with a paranoid stare
trapped in your personal nightmare
you thought you were caught in a dead end
with both legs stuck in a quicksand

there was a hole inside of you
but you wouldn’t admit it was true
filling the void with booze and dope
around your throat, you tightened the rope
you had already lost touch
you were far away and out of reach
i felt guilty, but can one help
a lonely man who strangles himself?

life can be f-cking cruel
it always changes its own rules
you stopped to play like a fool
with a twelve gauges in the mouth

you pulled the trigger and that’s all
brains splattered on the white wall
you left a letter on the bedside table
wherein you wrote your last sick fable

i’ll always remember this cemetery
and the end of your funeral ceremony
the sun was too bright, splashing its light
but deep inside my heart it was dark as night

i saw this little box full of ashes
and wondered: “is it all that remains of your past?”
no, you’re not condemned to the void
my memories can never be destroyed