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bliss n eso – mexican spit fire lyrics


“mexican spit fire”

ok senoir
i’m reloaded!

(moochy moochy)

calling all guards to catch the chaps at large
you pack the bong brother? changing of the avon guard
you cats on charge?
well i ask you can i kick it?

well that’s the magic ticket

i’m the usher in the theatre, screenin’ jack slater
it’s my never ending story that creates my fantasia
poetical landscaper who bakes the mad flavours
puff the magic on my rough track and hey,
it’s my d-mn nature
pu- puffin the herb
ohhhh lord this is track murder
hit the town with 73… in my backburner
bliss the broadcaster – bringing you the live data
i hold my lightsaber swinging through the skyscr-pers

feel the gorgeous air travel to my fortress lair
(it’s the invisible, extravagent extrordinare)
i project my words on the canvas of the promised land
picture this hollowman standing as a hologram

welcome to my wonderful world of word wizardry

(b-b-b-b-bounce to the beat)

welcome to my wonderful world of word wizardry
(wizardry, wizardry (b-b-b-bounce to the beat)

yo! i teach monkeys how to wrestle
in a spandex suit
then send them to steal roger ramjets boots
a circle of psychos, i hang with the realest,
to shoot sh-t with a gang of gorillas
they call me mad max a million
the abstract chamelion
who gets his hustle on in a jam packed pavillion
i’m sunlight for those, who live in the dark
so let me grab the bat and send this b-tch out the park


i’m the mack with no money
still livin it up like mr happy go lucky
every kid wants to fly
every dog has his day
so everything i write is another wall that i break

duck down, when i’m coming through the door
jugglin chainsaws and running from the law
it’s a bird, it’s a plane, nah it’s me when i write,
flippin off you motherf-cka’s on my bmx bike

welcome to my wonderful world of word wizardry

(b-b-b-b-bounce to the beat)

welcome to my wonderful world of word wizardry
(wizardry, wizardry (b-b-b-bounce to the beat)

in this human culture
my soul has just diffused my motor
and i’m a pull the f–kin plug on this human choser
i’m a keep rappin till they catch the supernova
straight start slangin out the back of my lunar rover
i’m that moon strider, that looney tune writer
that parachute lagoon diver
air balloon glider

it’s shako, the twelve monkey time transporter
audio, nva the rhyme transformer

i take world famous models to an all you can eat
rib house then back to mine to slaughter the meat
i’m an audio freak and by a quater to three,
you’ll get a hum dum dinger when you order from me
i made a p-rno for free, at oporto’s with three,
midget b-tches call me audio theif

it’s lumber jack macca here to open your mind up
he’s verbally violent like oprah’s v-g-n-

wise up

(in tune-in tune-in tune-tune-tune-tune)