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blk dmds – game of thrones lyrics


[intro: teamtilque}
come around not a sound
when i come around
whole town not a sound
what they talking bout now
whole f-ckin city tryna

[verse 1:teamtilique]
coming way up from the under
i’m stacking my bread with my b-tter
i came back with lane from the gutter
they thought i was bluffing
i came back to stunt on you youngins
it’s nothing
tell me how you want it for real
ya i’m racking it up
i’m holding it down
and i’m stacking it up
fell asleep
but i’m back and i’m up
my squad in the back
and i’m backing them up
need a moment for clarity
need some time can you spare for me
when i’m here are you there for me
i just needed someone to care for me
my god cheated on my broad
she understand
she turned me into a dog
i heard little shorty forgot me
i get photocopied
then steve nash that -ss back to johnny

[hook: the john lane] x4
nothing but kings around me
nothing but queens around me

[verse 2: the john lane]
lord god you made me a shooter
bottom dollar top dog ruler
red beam all up on your dome
blue faces staking that’s my throne
green dreams money for my circle
weed rolled pretty royal purple
i feel like kobe 99
mensa musa for the mental
baby give me time i’m king
i’m on like embroidery
i do this all for the royalty
money and loyalty
got me to b-tches that spoil me
all i want is you
i been on the throne so long i’m true, ya