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blo - mean to youu lyrics


(deuxe made this one)

from chains to shackles
made my way to the top, but the judge just took it all
i had horses in all my cars and i ain’t never bought a saddle
and i got power, stop confusin’ me with an ordinary rapper
my mama came and jumped my own dad, she left me and my sister
left us at the house, but she made sure she left her pistol
.38 revolver
she adopted another child, he wasn’t nothin’ but a toddler
in 2017, i did a bid, but that wasn’t even nan’ problem
that wasn’t even
either they die or go to jail, i miss my friends
sony sent my check, now look here, mama, i could buy you a benz
and mama, if you ever late on your rent, don’t be scared to ask for a ten
and my baby, she overly straight
she’ll never want for nothin’, she can have all her daddy pape’
f+ck parole, f+ck probation, ain’t no way i’ll leave my drac’
neighborhood hero, but n0body ain’t take the time give me a cape
sorry, baby, you a pretty girl, but i can’t go on no dates
you want me to clear my schedule for you, but i don’t think that’s gon’ work
and i been otf way before i ever heard of durk
you went to jail and you got scared, boy, you should’ve went to church
ghost, you really h+ll, you know your name in paperwork
they talkin’ ’bout they problems, been sleepin’ up this shirt
i ain’t mean to break your heart, girl, i ain’t mean to leave you hurt
ayy, i’ll style you like a teacher, play in your lululemon skirt
i don’t even know if i said it right
but i know you understand
i gotta chill, i get to f+ckin’ my fans
it don’t matter, i won’t never see her again
if i know you ain’t live like that, i can’t call you my twin
’cause if we miss, then we gon’ double back, it’s time to spin again

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