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blood feast – vampire lyrics


sleep in the day, come out at night
trapped in coffin all locked up tight
chain won’t hold he’ll be free
when he comes around take your wives and flee
looks upon you with his hypnotic gaze
you feel your thoughts blur then daze
shows no reflection cause he is dead
with his power he could crush your head

she’d hate unto the world unending terror
the bodies he’s slain fall on the heap
decaying remains they cried and they weep
prince of h-ll, vampire’s sleep

he lurks in the shadows hides in the doors
seeking by smell it’s you he looks for
the prince of the night lives by desire
one bite from his teeth, plunge into fire
l-st for the women always on his mind
three bites and they’re dead not enough time
only wants to eat warm flesh blood
the dirty old man, but he feels no love

transforms his shape suit his needs
att-tude charming wanting to please
some he kills out of l-st and hunger
others he saves to be with forever
when he comes around bar your windows up
won’t do any good he’ll break them down
he’ll stop at nothing when blood’s around
gods seem useless not to be found

lock your windows bolt your doors
he comes around you he looks for
scouring the grounds only at night
if he sees the sun to dust on sight
on bats wings he flies by the moon
to rest by his crypts daylight is soon
back on his bed sheets of silk
he’s filled with blood like mother’s milk

evil rules with sword of power
to watch his slaves by the hour
the kind to all forced exception
bought his way by deceit and deception
sits on his throne crown of th-rns
he wants all life even unborn
they plot to kill they’re master
if they fall pure disaster

in daylight hours they come to the grave
armed with cross, stake and stave
but he has moved predicted their thoughts
so he kills again and this time they saw
follow him back to his hole in the ground
open the lid without a sound
pick up the stake, drive through his heart
but by his death is only a start