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blood on the dance floor – mercy lyrics


(feat. amelia -rs-nic)

he stalks, she walks
down the same road
she starts, he stops
her all alone

6 feet under
screaming his name
he laid mercy
in her grave

and when her heart
stopped beating
and she stopped breathing
that’s when he felt most alive
speak your
last words

she’ll rise, they’ll die
she’s ready and willing
death in disguise
a mercy killing

6 feet under
she screams their names
taking all the boys
to her grave

and when the hearts stop beating
and they stopped breathing
that’s when she feels the most alive
when she stalks her pretty

and when i start feeding
mercy you are pleading
that’s when i feel the most alive
murder is this beautiful girl
and i don’t give a d-mn
about your last words

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