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bloody crying twinks – flophouse interlude lyrics


private office
private h+ll
he just keeps playing with himself
and twisting pens into his palms
he likes the way the ink leaves marks

on private places
private cell
it’s waiting for him, not long now
they’re fishing things up from the past
he’s seen the way the ink leaves marks

genuine italian leather
cuban cigars

private limo
silver cuffs
and could it ever be enough?
he could buy and sell you fifty times
and that is just the start

with private parties
private looks
let’s put this quarter in the books
there’s just no problem we can’t solve
with a little bit of heart
and genuine italian leather
with cuban cigars

school system blues
rinse it off in the pool
heard your son’s on the ropes
saw your boy on the news
flophouse interlude
with a couple friends, too
none of them are anybody
but they all sure seem to know you

private battles
in his head
private bottles
by the bed
private motives
you can’t guess
private pictures
in the desk
private cars
with tinted glass
fishing up
things from his past
private parties
“i’ll f+cking cut you
from my will”
with pen and paper
private office
i like the way the ink leaves marks
pen and paper
private office
private panic private cars
pen and paper
private office
smoking cuban cigars

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