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blue october – ugly side lyrics


i must have sneezed
on knees i freeze
i mean i just choked up
somehow i slept
i dream, i mean
i dreamt of nothing
able to breathe
a sweet relief
now that you’re here with me
a northern degree
dove into me
now i’m recovering

i only want you to see
my favorite part of me
and not my ugly side
not my ugly side

hook up a cb wave a way
for conversation flow
i’m shoved in your cave, to wage this rage
don’t let me go
a kick and a scream is all that seems
to mean a lot thus far
i won’t let you on my stage, my page
you can’t know
yet you have to know


so calm… and now it’s dark
i look for you to light my heart
i’m in between the moon and where you are
i know… i can’t be far

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