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bluee – rocketman lyrics


take a look at life
through my lens
you might get lost
lost up in the sauce
b+tch i drip just like a fau+
wait, i can’t rap like y’all
i’ve got way much more i saw
b+tch i come, i take, stand tall
call the shots
aim at your head
then lit it raw

beg, get on your knees
if you wan’ get my fee
n+gga i ain’t f+cking with you
p+ssy n+ggas envy me
smell like jealousy
you sipping snapple
i’m on hennessy
roll my collard greens
sing to ya b+tch now she be feeling me
ya feel me

it’s me against the world and that’s the truth
so i prefer the studio
i vent inside the booth, boofed
i stray away from points without a clue
connecting up the dots
might self+destruct like go ka+poom, doomed
she say she wanna f+ck me ‘cause i’m cute
but really wanna f+ck me ‘cause it make her kinda cool
you know i ain’t complaining ‘cause she got that jiggly boot
let me hit it from the side
back and forth in every room, ooo