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bob sinclar – love generation (ron carroll remix) lyrics


(gonna be alright) x18
all my children come together for the love generation
(gonna be a’) x7
(gonna be alright)
everybody under the sound of my voice
raise you hands and believe in love
(gonna be alright, alright!) x3
if you believe
i need you to believe in love
raise you hands up high, feel the love generation
covering the world with love
with love, everybody, come on!

(be the love generation)
feel the love generation
(be the love generation)

there is one thing about this world, that we need to understand
that the only thing that can bring people together is love
the word love is something that is so powerful
that most people don’t seem to understand
love can move mountains
love can move valleys of people together
in peace and joy, in love and harmony
i want you to feel the love generation
yeah! feel the love

listen children
i want to tell you something real quick and real fast
and sometimes we are seperated by the color of our skin
or where we grew up from
but i want you to understand something
that we need to embrace the word love
because love can bring all generations of people together
all colors and creeds together in peace and harmony
(be the love generation)
come on!
feel the love
and if you are ready, sing it with, me come on!
hey! whooo!
(be the love generation)
(it’s gonna be)
feel the love and the joy
of the love generation
(spread love) x2
(give love) x8
i need all my believers
that are listening to what i am saying right now
if it had not been for love
we would not have been here ourselves
if it had not been for love, from the most high
everything that’s in this world would not exist
we need to understand right now
that because of love things have been in a way
where people just don’t seem to understand
love is one of those things that can bring
all the beauty out of a person that we never seen before
love can bring two people from other sides of the world together
that have never been together and bring them as friends
love is something that does not, does not compromise itself
(alright) x24
love is something that will sacrifice for everything that goes on
love is that thing that can bring you out of every situation if you believe!
(be the love generation) x3