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bobby fato – ever since lyrics


[verse 1: bobby fato]
sometimes i think about the past and what it did to me
always wishing
always praying
always praying for better days
cruising though la you can feel the vibe
you can see the street lights
what a vibe
what a vibe
everything changed since i moved away
things change
people change
what a shame
what a shame
ever since i moved i’ve never been the same
you can see my veins
you can feel my pain
i am not okay
10 shots to the brain
i am not okay
i am not okay

[verse 2: paulitical]
baby girl yeah you feel like a throwback
type of vibe that you see inside a kodak
and i had you on the low they don’t know that
baby i just wanna know can we go back

i could feel you in my soul you could hold that
babygirl got cl-ss they some holdbacks
and i know that she on track like lojack
suck her toe crack and get nasty on the floor mat

uh, every time we f-ck we kissing
uh , every time we cut we sipping
uh if im in a rush im l!cking
uh, i don’t need no luck im winning uh

you put this feeling on me
some type of way when you feeling on me
i got a place where the ceiling don’t be
thought she a star she just grinning for me