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bogii – think of me lyrics


“should one cast aside their dream for a more pertinent reality?”

[filthy frank]
“wow, says a lot about this generation!
who f+cking gives a sh+t? go k!ll yourself
like, shut the f+ck up. who cares?”

(find your paris
this life is short so bear it
it’s only you and yourself so don’t fall to broken marriage)
at the bottom of a can you’ll find the
hollow sh+ll of man standing in
line with all the d+mned, emptying
his pituitary gland
please just understand that there is
not a helping hand for any
one that tries to stand up by them
+selves. this is the way of glam

tits, ass, and d+ck don’t last
yet you wanna’ pull up with a fast+pass, ask
if you wanna’ hit the gas on an overpass, won’t last
any road map wouldn’t swеrve left, with clap
wanna’ try something nеw? hoes mad
wanna’ see a different view? nomad
wanna’ check all the hues? backstab
wanna’ stay true? go back
(every)one stands strong till they see success
and then undying support turns to civil unrest
not a single soul wants to succumb to peace
at ease, serene, they demand the grass that’s green, i mean
i don’t even know what i wanted
i could’ve bet it all on a whatchamacallit
you’re balling, “shot calling”, your rollins
but not quite me: i’m all in
“it’s a deep, deep fear to see a man dissolve
you are a structure:
a vast and sometimes contradictory set of axioms
propping itself up. this is what makes you you.”

you’ll find my
body in shanghai
grey sky, otherwise
know i’ll never comply
to suits with the black tie
but you never cared for music
do you?

find your paris
this life is short so bear it
it’s only you and yourself so don’t fall to broken marriage
sirens blaring
the chaos we should cherish
in fairness, impairment is the glaring endearment

ride the high
til’ i die
over my
homeward lie
do or die
this is my
choice to fly
oh my god
oh my gooooooooood
“have you ever seen a man dissolve?
i wouldn’t recommend it
when you do see a man dissolve
it’s a reminder, y’know
of what makes us up?
it’s kinda’ like seeing a guy get eaten by a lion:
you’re reminded that you’re just meat and bones.”

one day i’ll die
one day we’ll all be gone
the nihilism kicking in, so as i write this song
(i love you all) i love you all

f+ck the
culture, f+ck the cult
and f+ck your daughter
no martyr
when i was
on occam’s razor
balancing all of the proper+
tea kept me in line, was behind
until combined revealed the cause of it all
and now that i’m free
i am most definitely sure of one thing

a winter rose
and i suppose
these dreary clothes
enlighten prose
i’m writing closed
mystery grows
and through the throws
i gotta’ know

think of me?

“so i’ll ask you again:
have you ever seen a man dissolve?
i wouldn’t recommend it
but have you ever seen a world dissolve?
to be stripped from the world you thought you knew
and dipped into chaos?
good news:
that one i would heartily recommend.”

you’ll find my
body in shanghai
blue sky, otherwise
know i’ll never comply
to those that are confined
who am i?