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bonaduces – i’m the only proof you need lyrics


i lift my head up and touch the b-mper, with my hands all
shredded up from going under the machine. kate came to
drive me to the hospital. i told her not to bother at
all. two weeks later, we’re in new orleans with a
percolater and a bag of coffee beans. i tell her about
the way i feel. she says it’s based on nothing real. she
said, ‘take a look at what you say, it is so obviously
bullsh-t. the truth comes from inside and what you put it
on is makeshift. your body could be strong, but you don’t
care enough to make it. there’s something wrong inside,
and everything’s related. and if you want to try to
believe, i’m the only proof you need. i’ve explored the
places you are and i know you can return. please take my
word. please? take my word.’ i felt all weakened. this is
more than she should take. i’m always freaking and making
these stupid mistakes. kate responds all optimistically.
she contends that there is something good in me. i tried
to argue and show what she’s sustained. she reviewed it
and said, ‘let’s stop comparing our pain. let’s just try
and like ourselves tonight and take care of each other at
times like this.’ chorus. because you know i hate this
now, and you know i can’t see a way out. i want to change
this, but i can’t erase it. i want to change this now, i
want to change it, and if you want to try to believe, i’m
the only proof you need.