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bones & curtis heron – considerthisawarning lyrics


on the day we meet, don’t act out
pinky promise you and yours will get packed out
back down, b-tterfly p-ss that pat down
throwin’ racks out, if i’m around don’t leave your cash out
smash out, then we gone in the shadows
press the pedal, vibrations feel the rattle
keep it down if we ridin’ past twelve
watch your back if you out past twelve
used to pull a heist and we turn poltergeist
death has been a pleasure, i was cursed for my life
too much jewels might melt in the light
ten hours later, yelling sesh in the night, like
is anyone around?
if i pop a round will they flee from the sound?
doubt it, switchblade, never leave home without it
streets rougher, than sand paper five grit
team tougher than these others, they ain’t on sh-t
scream “f-ckin’ em!” sit back and await my diss
but it never comes, they know better yup
two blunts get me cozy like a sweater
“dear underground it has been a pleasure”
take a bow, reappear in the nether
to a lot i’m an unsung treasure
in my plot i don’t want your attention
sh-t straight i don’t need to take commissions
intermission, let me cater the nutrition
chose to speak, but they choose not to listen
acting like they in position, but they isn’t
type to turn on their brothers for some mentions
i can see in your eyes, we’re not that different
i remember when i ain’t have sh-t kicking, shame