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bonnie tyler – i’m only a lonely child lyrics


(dieter bohlen)
producers for bonnie: dieter bohlen & luis rodriguez

that’s no way to say goodbye
or these tears will never dry
this world is like a burning fire
baby, can’t we still be friends
till it ends there is no end
baby, can’t you see my deep desire

-always forever, babe, i’ll keep tryin’
always forever, to stop it dyin’
i’m only a lonely child
inside a lonely room
come take my heart tonight
make the clouds disappear
i’m only a lonely child
inside a lonely room
my heart is burning while
i’m fighting my fears

love can go along our way
darling, can’t you hear me say
only a strong love will stay forever
rain is such a lonesome sound
in the city of the lost and found
we’d better try hard to get it together

(-repeat and fade)