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boogey – (maradona+wo) freestyle lyrics



hey happy new year. is it too late?
been busy, tied up like a shoe lace..
.. left in your pocket with a wire, dreadlock from my head, 2 chains, and my earpiece for two days
did you miss me really?
any chick who will kiss me willingly..
..ready to stop being a miss
this misfit tryna fit into this beat on some slick sh-t just so i can hit it off with miss nini

everybody get your hands up, stand up
haters stay down as the stans up
even when the people say they never understand what..
..i been saying i tell em to say it to my d-mn nuts
threat your best, never hear this man bluff
listen to me on a record, in a second, turn his jam off
slept on me too long, can i wake the dead?
you reap what you sow, as the greats have said
so i chase my grain (migraine) with an aching head
but they only scream jam if you’re making bread..
..and they only say tune if the radio playing
maybe they really love it, maybe you paying
maybe you paid dues, came up with the same dudes
now you balling and we hear the squeak squeak from your game shoes

i’m just a man but the feeling is godly
heaven been calling, wonder why i’m still in my body
i’m going hard even when it’s k!lling me softly
got me a suite in heaven, i kneel in the lobby..
..and pray that i get more time
i got goals, i wanna see the correct scoreline
shoot my shot
hoping it’s nothing anybody’s foot might block
if what we went through is what we look like… god….
…i would be ugly
keep it a hundred if anybody say they judging me
was undercover doing covers and you discovered me
first tape dropped 2012
now i wanna see if an alb-m will sell
5 projects and i’m proud of myself.. number 6 is now on the shelf
go to an atm, hear the sound of my wealth
frrrrrr shorty go down like you fell
they say the money can be arousing as h-ll..
..and so she open up, i go down on a well
anybody telling me anybody they know is better, you better be smoking that l
you joking as well cos lol, that means your whole circle surrounded by ls


i really wanna p-ss somebody off
like somebody, turn somebody off
hug somebody, break somebody jaw
get rich from a hit, hit somebody raw
shorty got some bodycon body, awesome body..
..but the body still gets somebody bored
body count been one body cos a n-gg- broke and i really wanna be somebody’s wh-r-..
..but the women want flex and they wan party bruh
jokes apart
only because you broke that she broke your heart
woke chick, got a fro to start
now she thinks doing c-ke is art
how annoying am i?
i wrote sh-t that will make boys wanna cry
i poke chicks with s-x toys in their eye
if i hear tekno name one more chick, i’ll take poison and die

escape from a psych ward
make a mistake, show me hate and i’m taking a life or..
..making the peace and baking a cake while we taking a shake but i spike yours..
..with every pill that i take for my night horrors

sharp shooter, check my ballistics
it comes with the pain and survival instincts
your favourite artistes are tribalistic
got carried away by the vibe and missed it
everybody wanna discriminate
never seen this many fakes..
..kiss then they hate
diss then they shake

it’s crazy, i’m on one
i was with a runs lady, a dumb one
she was always on her griiiiind, i mean she gave me the b-m b-m..
..and also where a baby will come from

so they told y’all to fix up your life
debated on who got the sickest reply
errr some of that sh-t was aiiight
n-gg-s were taking shots at n-gg-s for hype
dumb kids, why were you picking a side?
got a little buzz, now you giving advice?
a piece of advice, they will hype you up only when you are the popping as popular demand, i demand you stick to your size
this is bigger than you, just make music and supply..
..and push all of that extra sh-t to the side

alb-m coming and the fans are my pr
not the ones who only wanna dance when the beat hard
not the ones who only give a d-mn about a hit all up in their face, only give a glance when they see stars..
.. or plenty money in rubber bands and a sweet car

unsigned, no promo engine, just me and anybody willing to support
game time, boots laced, game face is a jason mask and k!lling is the sport
23-02-18, we will know if it was all a fake dream
i’m still the most gifted thing that they’ve seen
i’ve dropped more gems than lees in beijing
heat like a million degrees and they scream..
..for the wack ones who just need to make steam.. be famous
seem to be brainless..
..and the gift ain’t a big thing but the name is
you don’t really want the real thing that i came with..
.. like a chick saying hashtag no d, gets home, inserts a machine in her..