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book of black earth – serve the adversary lyrics


theasuel guide them to their freedom to be cast out to
serve the adversary. what more can men pen to these
horror scriptures? the seeds of truth are planted in the
garden, on stolen soil and with a stolen god they worship
disease. they praise the ancients onces. not known above
but thriving deep within the old are called to rise and
reign again. hope is lost you resemble nothing of your
anglesong. the only thing i’ve ever known is that your
true lord lies in the shadows. rise ancient ones see the
flock that follows and sings your name. dine elder gods
feed on those who sorrow resembles our pain. serve the
serpent see the flock the before you see the chaos see
the grand design. rest in silence turn the earth you lie
in. in defiance of this cult of lies. hope is lost. there
is nothing that resembles your anglesongs. there is
nothing in defiance.