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bosshands & colby af – dog swag the show lyrics


colby’s rap name
going over his raps
(i was thinking about changing my rap name)
really? what are you changing it to?
(colby af)
bosshands and colby as f+ck

in the stu like some carrots my n+gga

i’m the wrist fl!cker
starting price around 6 figures
i move mountains
y’all n+ggas are ditch digger
beef pop
start with the k like them kid jenners
call me hands
and no one more colby than this n+gga

colby af:
colby as f+ck
holding the trophy of sick spitters
only the tough
homie you’re vocally disfigured
open em’ up
bro this jabroni a b+tch n+gga
hoes in the truck
totally showin’ the tits, n+gga
hit the penthouse
checked in at 6 and
had a rest and a rinse
by 10 i might be effin ya chick
head into the physicians
for a second opinion
cuz a n+gga took a trip and
check on my wrist then

colby af:
get all your sh+t
find a comfy desk you can sit in
and pay attention
to the quizzes and the lessons you’re given
eat your freeze dried lunch with no vegetables in it
and get schooled
like the lectures that you never attended

big tools b+tch
we got the weapons and hencemen
outfitted with newer technology
and better inventions
we send em out every night
just to mess with our victims
call 911 when they finished
and let the ambulance get him
colby af
ooh k!ll em
f+ck your feelings and your preconcieved notions
my life is like a book that the people leave open
your girl hit me cuz i got some meat that needs strokin
goin deep in that water like a gillyweed potion

its like a rain cloud she could be filling these oceans
hurricane n+gga like me still’ll be floatin
every bar a n+gga spit is so real ya be quotin
everybar you n+ggas spit ain’t real, ya team wrote them

colby af:
dumb fresh crispy clean focus
n+ggas can’t cut necks cuz their guillotine broken
can’t f+ck wit me when a n+gga free flowin
city sl!cker swisher like the 3s pistol pete throwin

jeez broham
they can’t keep up with us
no way
pull up and serve these n+ggas curbside
life ain’t cheap so i freestyle
fo pay
broke n+gga miss with with the bull sh+t
colby af:
two sticks twist ya noodle n+gga
lo mein
they all dead
gettin rid of bald heads
let the can fire at ya campfire
the hot stove gimme stockholmes

im in ya crib, looking for ya tissue like i need to spit
ya man i don’t need a thesis i can see he a b+tch
freshmen ain’t a category to keep us in
catch us next year, xxl teacher list

colby af:
sold out shows n0body in the bleachers fit
100 mana cost gods in my creature list
tom c. a division agent wit secret clips
tom c. pullin up on some jack reacher sh+t

bahn mi
finna make a sandwhich with some viet chicks
on three
hop up on the stage and f+cking leap from it
if one n+gga act like he act down with the team then
then two n+ggas shown up at ya album releases

colby af:
mountain of weed
how is your defense
more powerful things as the
pallet increases
devour the scene
eddie bower the seats sl!ck
i’ll find a gullible genie and
hound him for free sh+t