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bow wow – ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you lyrics


ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you
(feat. chris brown)

[intro – bow wow:]
hey chris. hey man
you know it’s been a long time you know since we hooked up
and did something, real, you know, for the ladies, ya dig that
oh yeah! you know we! you know we! you know we do it for the ladies!

[verse 1 – bow wow:]
you got the wrong one if you think i ain’t goin’ out
you used to be the only girl a n-gg- would think about
i got a couple of girls on call; i’mma a bring em out
a magic city stripper, hunh, so this what this all about?
i’m in the club doing my two step
i pulled about eight broads already
i’m just getting my feet wet
but i ain’t even knocking your style
cause i be here all day tryna count how many girls want bow
oooh, see you on the blogs with your dude and all that
but little do you know, you making yourself look bad
if dude got a problem, better tell him to fall back
i’m blowing real big in vip, yeah that loud pack
see it’s me and chris in here, so you know it’s real thick in here
better get your girl because your b-tch in here
tryna see how many i can fit in my lambo
i never go raw, stay strapped like rambo, bow!

[hook – chris brown:]
i’m not looking for love, cause she’s gone
so tell all the girls that the bottles on us
get your drink on
i just wanna have a good time and keep you off my mind
find a little shawty i like
girl when i’m up in the club, really turned up
i ain’t gon’ think about you (na na na na)
(i said girl i ain’t trippin’, tonight i’ goin’ out with my n-gg-s)
(aye aye aye) ain’t thinking about you tonight (night night night)
(i said girl i ain’t trippin’, tonight i’ goin’ out with my n-gg-s)

[verse 2 – chris brown:]
we don’ been together for a minute
now it feels funny to be doing something different
but it’s all good, me and you finished
you callin’ me a player, but a n-gg- ain’t trippin’
and i ain’t saying that he don’t love you
but i don’t think he love you like i do
but it’s okay, it’s alright
my blackberry’s filled with a whole bunch of women
wasting time
steady tryna get you back
get you back in my life
you don’t care, you don’t care
it used to be you that i like
but i’m a do what i like
tonight, i’m gon’ get tipsy
over twenty one
all the girls have fun
and watch the ladies jump on me


[verse 3 – bow wow:]
i’m bein’ honest, listen shawty, i don’t want you no more
so leave the keys to the benz ‘fore you hit the front door
cause you losin’, and she choosin’
and like chris said i’m chunkin’ up the deuces
on to the next one. all i ask is keep it real
couldn’t do that; so i’mma tell you how i feel
i’m poppin’ bottles all night
cause that black card ain’t got no limit alright