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bow wow – i’m da man lyrics


“i’m da man”
(feat. chris brown)

[verse 1 – bow wow]
uh, to my ex-girlfriend on time out
now i’m with my new b-tch, knocking her spine out
rolling up more kush, waitress p-ss a bottle though
homie with a lot of n-gg-s, keep a couple model hoes
i party hard like charlie sheen
used to ferraris, and driving
cash money, young money, baby
you already know i get it popping ask your lady
selling out the garden when i want to like jay-z
right now, killing em, broad of hoes, filling em
treat em like construction sites, you know that i’m drilling them
half these rappers soft as f-ck, i swear to god they ain’t fitting in
me and chris ain’t green house, in miami hit
in the club buy the bar out
stunna bring the cars out
hey, where you’re coming from bow? fr-fresh off the movie set
(uhhhh-ohhhh) yeah, there’s another check
now these haters upset
rappers twice my age ain’t done what i’ve done yet
i ain’t even done yet, this just the beginning
stepping out that g4, here some brand new linen fresh
yes, i’m the mother f-cking best
walking through life, with no regrets
sh-t, i ain’t tripping, no, you know i be chilling
rico, where you buy that sh-t, doggy got me wigged
yeah, my game up, and you play what?
do something and i dare ya
rearrange your face, and let some body guard that would repair it
i’m the best there is and the best there was
like bret hart, paul bart, with no bart
my bank account and my work ethics, that’s what setting us apart
heat game, courtside, me and all my n-gg-s
kick em out, hands clean, my body guards talk triggers
my paper on diamonds, your paper on midgets
f-ck all my enemies who tend to be telling me
sh-t, begging me, screaming with there hands out
but i don’t get no hand out, put me in a room and watch me stand out

[verse 2 – chris brown]
yeah look, bbc on my head, f-ck a n-gg-, act like a grown up
everybody know you’re a p-ssy, little n-gg- get your soul up
n-gg-s say they your friends, bow wizzle, that’s a real n-gg-
and i’m about to go in, time to kill n-gg-s
yall wanna talk about naked pics
here, you can shake my hand, you can shake my d-ck
june sw-ng low, and my d-ck hit the water when i take a p-ss
i’m talking p-rno, then i’m outy five, doggy hit the uh
then i’m blowing like four o’s
yeah, in the jacuzzi with four hoes
gotta mix a nuvo with the no doughs
see, gotta pull a all nighter, paper planes, got em high like a sky diver
yeah and now i’m f-cking with em hood n-gg-s
red and blue n-gg-, r&b, so whats good n-gg-
i’m out of line, yup yup, cause i should, n-gg-
try to swing, i dare you, i wish you would n-gg-
wow, let me calm down
all these suckers mad cause i took they shine now
i’m at the top now, ain’t about to climb down
you need to give it up, ain’t ’bout to whine down

[verse 3 – bow wow]
why they all up in my b.i
kush and o, i feel ya
nowadays so stressed out, cause this business will kill ya
we get it, real paper, f-ck haters, f-ck blogs
f-ck yall, standing tall, retaliation, sit on yall
chris is the prince of rnb, me h-lla prince of hip hop
we got it on lock, and we on tour, that’s more wh-r-s
counting money when i get bored
tatted up like a mother f-ck
swear to god its too easy
yeah, my neck and wrist freezing
wizzle or just bow weezy
you already know n-gg-, shout out to the o n-gg-
you know i be repping
smoke cause of depression, homie there ain’t no question
get rappers in the business, just put me in to test it

i’m the man in this b-tch
f-ck a flow at least a hundred band in this b-tch
i’m the man in this b-tch
bout to blow at least a hundred bands in this b-tch

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