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bow wow – my 64 (freestyle) lyrics


murda mook:
yall aint flames to me yall aint the same as me
yall little deals like not even a chain to me
yall little whips like not even a train to me
but yall claim to be pocket change to me
i c-ck and i aim and i see yall runnin like puff when he ran through my block got the hand on my glock one shot put ya man in the box with the rams in the rock if ya man want to c-ck
rocky watch too c-cky stop
n-gg-s say he hot but he prolli not
and n-gg-s want to hear that shotty pop cuz if it dump itll make your body drop
record companies exects. want to have lunch with me give me a bunch of cheese
cuz they see ima fein for the cream and they kno gettin cream in my jeans like ?
n-gg- please
spend a hundred g’s for my wrist to freeze
whip so much call me mr keys
no suprise got tattoos and the flow vietnamese
8 – 9 catch ya wife slippin with like 8 lies
turn ya whole block to a grave site
cuz ya stupid -ss really thought you was safe right
silly -ss should of knew he had it comin
too late when the automatic dumpin
got his moms in the place with her palms on her face like god d-mn i knew my boy had it comin
b-tch he will cry cuz he grabbed the onion
he a snitch he will die cuz he had it comin
all that frontin ima make ya body drop
ya body drop ima make ya body drop

bow wow:
its the b-o-w-w-o w
and these n-gg-s know how it goes
first im so three mill and ever since that dude i been out the stores
n-gg-s kill me when they act up till you pull them things out then they wanna back up back up
then they aint so tuff and they aint so ruff well dude that aint us
iced out chain dude im the mayne
dudes mad cuz they girl steady givin me brain
everything that i do i do it b-i-g
aint no other dude put it down quite like me
26’s dog when i roll up
flow better then mine im like hold up
you hot like me im like naw bra
yo bank account gotta grow up
im on a level dog that you aint on
sold out shows everytime i perform
you hatin n-gg-s betta push on
this how i get now its on
move it time lets ride out
we gon give yall sumthin to talk about
we stomp on n-gg-s mash them out
get the keys to the bent lets ride out