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brandon – time lyrics


spending all this time and time away
from you
has got me going crazy

i wish i’d been around
instead of facing it all
i ran away and let it fall down

i wish that we could make up (make up)

spending so much time and time today
thinking of the way
you give me grace
i wish that you were here with me today

i wish that things were different
i’ve tried and tried to listen
i’m lost and lonely within
this love is our remission
the cost i’ve paid is written
no weight can break this feeling

how long is too long for missing you?
how long til i’ve paid my dues?

i wish that we could make up
i wish that we could make love
i’m losing all control
down unfamiliar roads
it’s breaking up my soul
i’m longing to be whole
this love that i console
i feel it in my bones
my love, who do you trust?
i’m running out of hope
my god, will i be home?
tell me where i belong



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