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breathe carolina – lovely lyrics


oh no, my heart is getting heavy,
was i was forward?
i kinda had the feeling that it’s over,
but know i know that i’m crazy
(i think that i’m going nowhere)
so scream loud and look at me way down,
i know that you’re afraid,
i’ll hold you close and never, ever let you go

up and down
you spin me around
you got everybody watchin as you hit the ground
so take a step back
you know i’m there

oh god can you save me now?
enough vallium to fill this room
it’s kinda hard when i’m dead right?
it’s kinda hard when i’m dead…

oh love you got me crazy feen’n
like it’s nothing that i could’ve wanted
take it slowly and maybe you’ll know i’m ready.
we can get over it
scenery is nothin more than poetry
hotter than two lovers c-mming next to me
i know


why are you leaving
please don’t go
stay with me
come on breathe
you gotta find a way

you and i got our whole lives ahead of us.
we turned you – can we turn you on?

i hope heaven needs you more than i need you now
you know i love you
(i can’t believe it’s you)

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