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brennan savage – off the shits lyrics


on the block
on the block
i’ma switch it up a little bit

verse 1 + brennan savage
this sh+t ain’t a game i could tell off top
look boy we ain’t the same
straight up out the womb
i got savage in my name
i be drippin sauce, too much you can not contain
heard you talking? what you sayin? (aye)
me and drip pullin up we off the sh+ts
ridin round south with amigos sellin bricks
kickin in doors, they call me karate kid
i know that you ran ahead when i pulled up to your crib (whats wrong bro?)
i never front
do what i want
i see the 12 i’ma me eat up the blunt
i’ma show up
walk in the function i pull out the bag and you ask for a blunt
you want a blunt?
you is a chump
you is a p+ssy, i call you my son
verse 2 + drippin so pretty
ya p+ssy
i eat p+ssy
i eat p+ssy
what? what?
b+tch, i pull up to your spot, one thing
i know you saw me on the block, in my white tee
blow in my white tee
clean in my white tee
all these little bad b+tches wanna f+ck me
ya i pull up on these lights in the i cannot pr+nounce
ya i’m so disrespectful cause i f+cked her on the couch
ya drip is so pretty
i walk in and they announce
boy you trappin?
i dont think so, cause you only moving out
[?] f+ck your b+tch in a foreign
me and breannan savage f+ck your b+tch in the back of a cadillac
yo, ya