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bretts – the gap lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m bretts, i cheq no flex
my gang don’t flex
many checks got a question
why are you pausing?
i say music needs vision it just ain’t ’bout composing
lil bros been on desk
this ain’t just trap
darkness in here am switching the light bulb on
my backbone is heavy
some ringtones are tripping
aerial checking
am on a pharaoh path
the same setting people underrating
we understood life of the blacks
am still official no batch
lyrical class
stay with fame i stay with the bars
and see the industry if its moving and all that
i ain’t breathing give me the mask
give me the mask bro!

my direction got map
been checking the gap
no compеtition i slap
i think i’m trouble
i think am trouble
i gon’ make it today or tomorrow
today or tomorrow!