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broken classic – i don’t like mondays lyrics


and you tell your little b-tch!
i don’t got more to lose
my getaway car is gone
i wish you’d come outside

i don’t like mondays (4x)

b-tch get out my f-cking face
you don’t know a f-cking thing
you’re a waste of f-cking sp-ce
you gon get yo -ss beat
i don’t like mondays (2x)
smoke a spliffy
sippin sizzy
brenda spencer
ciroq sipper
f-ck a temper
take a picture
come and get me from the pin
i don’t like mondays
b-tches know i get it in
surrounded by all this sin
father finna do some time
all i do is bust them rhymes
hold up lemme check the time
b-tch your on my f-cking clock
while you sh-t yourself in shock
i’m the one who calls the shots
you deserve to sit and rot

i don’t like mondays (10x)