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brother ali – haunted house lyrics


haunted house
(feat. aby wolf)

broken, broken
broken, broken
broken, broken
the foundation’s, the foundation’s
broken, broken
broken, broken

[verse 1]
i knew love could be a sunrise
make an old man see the world with young eyes
round each corner discover he lies
summertime, the world full of surprise
every sunset so it start setting in
but you will never see morning again
the flame that you had was now gone in the wind
start to get old, feel bored with your friend
your mind start to wander, your eyes start to follow
and wind up on some young behind trying to holler
the dudes that you think are your guys ain’t trying to stop you
they grab binoculars, sit back and watch the opra
what she thought was hers you now share with another
and you and something got a secret you keep from her
make her foolish for ever having trusted
overcoming your shortcomings cuz she loves you

such a beautiful dawn and we flow right along, so warm till the sun went down
can the day rise again? i’d wait, my friend, but i don’t know how
don’t want to leave but i don’t want my demons to return and haunt this house
the foundation’s, the foundation’s

[verse 2]
but you know its dead wrong that i ain’t never felt so right
the heart and the mind, they don’t always coincide
evil dig a ditch, he cover it with pride
he come to webilize we weave to try and hide
the truth is on a mission to make his way to the light
it knows it has its right to take flight
the universal laws are too strong to fight
one day its going to set up shop in plain sight
time can ice the pain and try to hide the stain
and glue it back together yet it’s never quite the same
even if she forgives you, she decide to stay
that memory live inside her until her dying day
she goes through the pages of history with a heavy heart
scratching question marks next to all the precious parts
your best memories start to develop scars
would’ve never thought it’d ever fall apart but


[verse 3]
i use to find a hiding place inside you tight embrace
now all i see in your face are my mistakes
too much time i done placed around snakes
saw the apple, had to know how it tastes
i acted out of ego, acted out of l-st
acted outside of the trust we had in us
i acted out a scene from a film i had seen before
still casted myself in that leading role
when i was finished playing, i stood there saying “see?”
but there was no director yelling “cut” to keep it clean
the camera kept rolling and went behind the scenes
the bonus material from the dvd
the audience is watching, yelling at the screen
saying “say it isn’t so, please tell me it’s just a dream”
i use to be the gleam in your eye but that died out
now i’m that little streak of white in your eyebrow

[hook x2]