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brothers keeper – blonde and tan lyrics


i’ve got a beach house and an ocean cruiser
i ht the sauna each and everyday
and when i feel like i’m a total loser
i hire a shrink to tell me i’m okay
i bought a car designed to drive you crazy
it’s the kind that let’s me watch tv
i hired a trainer just in case i’m lazy
it costs a fortune for me to be me

i’m searching for something to save me
i’m running as fast as i can
still searching but hoping that maybe
i’ll feel better when i know i’m blonde and tan

i’ve got some magic cream to keep me youthful
i’ve got some contacts in these sky blue eyes
my driver’s license is completely truthful
but don’t be fooled if everything else lies
i’m sleeping deep upon my satin pillows
you’ll never catch me on the town alone
i call my friends from my sleek black limo
on my golden television phone

things of this world are gonna rust and die
i’ve got a truth you can depend on
need to change the life you’re livin from the inside