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brothers keeper – heart attack lyrics


heart attack, bring me back, fallen down, hit me now
i’m so low, i know you know, come back, heart attack

when you were here on earth, you saw the need and worth
to live a simple life free of compromise
now as i see
i see this truth in thee, i know you’ll hear my plea

i feel it, feel it, feel it burning deep in my soul
i feel it, feel it, feel it come and make me whole
it hit me like a…

he’s got the power of love
he paid it with his own blood
he calmed the wind and the waves
he’s got the power to save
and even when i’m at best
i’m still in need like the rest
a people in search of thee
come on and take to me

you had the words to say, to those who’d gone astray
the faith, hope, and grace to seek your face
now as i yearn
i want to learn i’m past the point of no return