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brxkenshire – love, part 2 lyrics


[intro: brxkenshire]
i’ve been sittin’ here waiting this whole time
this whole time
got a feeling’ that i’m waiting’ for no one
i been sittin’ here thinking this whole time
about the old times
now i’m sittin’ here thinking ’bout no one
and once the days done, i’m gon’ be leavin’ with no one
ain’t gonna think about no one
ain’t gonna think about no one
ain’t gonna think about no one
and once the day’s done

[verse 1: brxkenshire]
tossin’ up my options, if you want it then i got it
everything i want, but then you say you’re not about it
wait and see whats comin’, if you’re still gone i’m forgotten
i ain’t got no guiders, yeah i’m lookin’ for some guidance

[verse 2: smoke supreme]
poppin’ these prescriptions just to take away the pain
i just popped another xanny and my b-tch she sniffin’ caine, yuh
ever since you left, man this sh-t ain’t been the same, yuh
ever since you p-ssed away this sh-t ain’t been the same (nah)
don’t n0body know me, b-tches only know my name (smoke)
but they don’t know the thoughts that be lurkin’ in my brain (nah)
i feel like kurt cobain, put that bullet in my brain (bang)
but the drugs got me numb, so for now i feel okay

[outro: brxkenshire]
follow my heart instead of my head
but don’t know if my heart really knows what’s best
believe anything that anybody says
especially if the words don’t make sense