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bumy goldson’s storyteller – the storyteller lyrics


deep inside, the embers glow
ways for today come and
say they’ve gone around a place
and now they know for sure

reaping by the side
work goes on, a steady pace
while making better work
come today, come yesterday

how does that story go
when evening comes and wind blows cold
how does evening stay
right by the fireplace
when everyone is gathered there
by that feeling in the air

listening to the story grow
each step is placed within the flow
that takes me to the place
and pauses make me go

back to the story room
like different pauses in a tune
each section placed so well
wrapped in the storyteller’s spell

how does that story go
when days are done and they go home
how do the people stay
wrapped in the story’s pace
how can we get back there
back to that feeling in the air