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burning skies – slashed thrashed and fucked up beyond lyrics


it’s all clear everyone’s a c-nt
when they can be, should be whenever they want
lets not fret, theres always gonna be somebody
who will hate you just because they can
don’t just fall, crack or even give a f-ck
just concentrate on what hurts them back
when they’re in your sights
don’t turn away make sure they’re
slashed, thrashed and f.u.b.a.r
give some thought to the fact that if they mess with you
you mess with them back
give no slack to the weak
pathetic dirt on the ground on which we walk
no one should have the right to hurt someone for no reason
pick yourself up, its thrashin’ season
slashed, thrashed, f.u.b.a.r
grind the b-st-rds down
crush their skulls with hate
render limb from limb
grind the b-st-rds down
don’t give them reason
just give the reason to dread
its thrashin’ season lets grind them down
f-cking dead grind all the b-st-rds down

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