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c.c.munster – leave me alone lyrics


you better leave me alone
you better leave me alone
you better leave me alone
you better leave me alone

[verse 1]
let me get it right now
that i gained some respect, see?
with the wall to your back, see?
ill attack with a smack
to the track that i wreck
while i’m spitting on this beat
now who could this be?
oh well, it’s me
mister i produced a concept-album
just so you listen to me
me, and just me
my verses toxic, like your creek
b-ss is booming on your cheeks
jinzo, trap lord, k!lled this beat
living in mediocrity
throwing popcorn to steal your seat
being someone you never meet
oh man, turn it up

[verse 2]
i’m a monster, like the doctor, mixed with tino rossi
don’t blink, get closer, you don’t see what i see
a contact blinking, going into the nightsky
my fans are following cause we are a hivemind
german guy going way too hard on these songs
this ain’t even my first language, yet you come along
what the f-ck am i talking bout, here is your mindless banger
and now, let’s please move along