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c-note(yi$mb) – would you lyrics


[hook: c-note]
if i tell you to jump, would you fly for me?
if i’m feeling alone, would you slide on me?
if you had to get on the stand, would you lie for me?
if i wasn’t the man, would you ride for me?

[verse 1: c-note]
i ain’t gon ask would you die
cause that’s too easy
but would you live for me?
i know that me and you got history
but if a person comes back then it’s meant to be
so i guess you was meant for me
them other hoes ain’t mean shit to me
i mean you a gift to me, you bring me joy
them hoes brought me misery
for real, i need a ride or die
a down b-tch that don’t switch side to side
a short thing but we still see eye to eye
play dress-up she can be bonnie, im clyde
don’t that sound like you and i?
let’s roll up and get super high
and i need to know these answers
so when i ask you these questions don’t act too surprised


[verse 2: dzy.]
21 questions like i’m 50
i need to know you really with me
if i went to jail, would you come get me?
if i couldn’t make bail would you forget me?
hold up, don’t answer that too quickly
cause i want to see where your heart is
regardless, if i wasn’t an artist and you seen me struggle my hardest, would you, give up so easily?
do you even love me for me?
or is you just in love with what we can be?
and you don’t even f-ck with me secretly
whenever you speak to me, is it to speak to me or tell bout your day?
if i had to handle business out the state
could i trust you to not give my pussy away?
can i trust you with the code to the safe?
can i trust you with the crib and the babies?
can i trust you to be my lil freak in the sheets
and in the streets you behave like a lady?
is you gon get to the bands like you katie?
or is you gon sit around and be lazy?
when i go through it can you come and save me?
or is you gon be the one thats driving me crazy?
do you know how to stay put up?
im all good nothing gooder
would you rather be anywhere else?
ain’t no time for the should’ve’s and could’ve’s
would you rather just fly with me
and we’ll be there before you can look up?
or would you rather just lie to me
when you knowing d-mn well i’m a pull up?
would you? would you? would you?