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c.o.d. (south park coalition) – clever word lyrics


(“get on up”)

c-mmin’ out d-gg-n’ as i inject into your eardrum
rocking the house, yo consider that done
give me the mic as i commence with confidence
dope e with dense rhymes, more like intense rhymes
educated black man, holding up my right hand
left one’s on the bible swearing that no sucker takes my t-tle
i love myself but never do i jock myself
i got money but never do i brag of wealth
let it be known i’m the lyrical innovator
the [?] the lyrical commentator
i’ll be your guide, better than your pilot
hop on my plane and let me tell you about it
“tell” is such a common word, i need a clever word
something that’s equal and still reaches the people
(like “apprise”) yeah that’s it, k-rino bust it

rhymes so radical they come so quick you ask “what was it?”
i’m speaking keep it holy, goodie not a oldie
living life day by day like spicoli
radical verse self-conceived not stolen
my rhyme is a fist leaving a rapper’s head swollen
i know that my beats sound so hard it makes your seat jump
rhymes are so hot they give you wack-life heat bumps
[?] that his voice is very vocal
i activate authority and [exercise a local?]
drag whack rappers on a label, unable
to turn the table and stay financially stable
dissin’ k-rino is wack life, half-hearted
so now you got a coalition ambush started
mental design was inclined by taking time
a pacifist mind dragging a loser like nine
but “crack” is such a common word, i need a clever word
something that’s equal and still reaches the people
(like “devise”) yeah that’s it, dope e bust it

rhymes so dookie dope they come so quick you ask “what was it?”
i stipulate knowledge so listen to this
vocal graph is a public awareness
i fly suckers to sign their advisor
talking about yourself doesn’t make you any higher
all it means is that your brain is out of order
learn to kick knowledge, read about your culture
i sent vocal graphs because i’m the messenger
i married my rhymes but legally i’m a bachelor
mental cultivation is the key so remember
i never misled ya, i only enhance ya
train of thought, so learn it by heart
the knowledge pokes a hole in your brain like a dart
but “knowledge” is a common word, i need a clever word
something that’s equal and still reaches the people
(like “wisdom”) yeah that’s it, yo k-rino
(what up?) it’s time for me to shut up and cut up

(“knowledge i give”)

yo, well i would think it’s mandatory to shake and wake a rapper
roll him out of bed cause he’s asleep, give him a slap or
two, rap to the jaw like a steel crow bar
when i finished they gave the microphone cpr
i’m packing this att-tude, molds a strong head
a mind unfed equals a brother misled
your rhymes i can come through do from the initial line
blew up the last time he cranked up in official lines
k-rino’s got a black book of knowledge
stacking and stacking and when i get too much i file it
store it away, and when i’m overstocked i donate
spreading the lyrics, others will find it hard to locate
reaching my level, no nuh uh chief i won’t have it
that’s like a blindfolded one-legged wolf catching a rabbit
self-centered sucker, sucker centered around his name
thinking acting big time contributes to fame
(what is fame?) it’s a small word but capped it so it’s huge
but foolish in effect and minds do nothing but lose
but “lose” is such a common word, i need a clever word
lyrics that smother one, yo e kick another one

[dope e]
stand up, and throw your hands up
i’m like an energized flammable pack when i’m amped up
i got a solo, it’s full of nitro
i lit the fuse with my lyrics, yo
me dope e i’m on a musical apparatus
that rotated clash forms, check out my status
bring you across, take caution because i’ll cream ya
i’ll leave you like a paraplegic with leukemia

lyrical tactics, rhymes overly active
cuts precise, e’s beats rather attractive
[?] and c.o.d.’s on the park
peace to mc mellow, cool, and [?] clark
i got addicted to lyrics and live it, my rhyme exhibit
spc we spreading it tough so i’ma give it
back to evil rappers without the presentation
k-rino in effect with beneficial information

[dope e]
here i go again with another rhyme for you, friend
i’m gonna hype it up until the party ends, man
i’m gonna splurge, cause i’m on the verge
k-rino are you with this? (bust a clever word)
attack the beat so easily, another rhyme from dope e
so naturally and verbally convey so professionally
that’s what i’m kicking, and i’m down with the spc

radical but not least, but not the least bit last
strategizing g*nius with a master blast
nine mcs you have degrees, [?] making you freeze
living on the t-i-ps of the spcs
when i scan your town don’t try to stand your ground
but when i ban your sound you’ll be a man who found out
what it was like to get punched in the face
by strong lyrics and [?]
so e bust it

86, dope