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c-rayz walz – hot second (street) lyrics


c-rayz walz – “hot second”
[emcee(s): c-rayz walz]
[producer(s): k. lew]
[scratches: dj a. vee]

[intro: c-rayz walz]
bro, that’s why i said, “bring it back.” uh huh. taking off. k. lew, c-rayz

[bridge 1: c-rayz walz with scratches by dj a. vee] (x4)
(one. two)

[hook: c-rayz walz with scratches by dj a. vee] (x4)
(one) check it. (two) a hot second

[verse 1: c-rayz walz]
minutes of
magnificence, significant instances
in an instance, spit sick sentences
simpleton. similar to sentencing
you smell h-ll scented in a sensei pen
[?], senseless men are swiftly sent
i begin to singe and end ignorance
touch your soul—every flow’s intimate
starting at a point, extending infinite
rayz is a mad term. bad germs implement
raining on street dreams like names stenciled in
conceal when your vocal wind shows impotence
roundhouse-kick flows like graceful elephants
use elements as earthly evidence
drink the half-empty gl-ss and spite the pessimist
it’s imminent. i’m rare like black peppermint
now cast your vote—c-rayz for president

[hook: c-rayz walz with scratches by dj a. vee] (x4)
(one) check it. (two) a hot second

[verse 2: c-rayz walz]
i’ll roll
with big wheels like bus tires. hot boy
in reverse. i’ll spit bling-bling. you touch fire
cold as ice, old as life, new as birth to eat dirt
‘cause you bit the tip on my underground hit
first, get a grip, buy a stronghold t-shirt
keep it moving, make your feet work, heel/heal, stupid
my ingrown sidelines your bunion. stare at
the sun cycle, the effect of a onion comes
so you could cry and crash my career after driving it
bad feel mad real, angry, authentic steel
demented styles bent the trial, wild life
sentences give birth to fouls. crossbreeds
hit numbers quick like speed dial, jackhammer
stamina could damage a challenger now. i’ll move
with the permit to hermit. i’ma get
the green or i’ma kidnap kermit

[hook: c-rayz walz with scratches by dj a. vee] (x4)
(one) check it. (two) a hot second

[verse 3: c-rayz walz]
subliminal interludes injure crews at intervals
with interviews, i enter you with mental tools
sense is used and senseless dues i’m paying
i want reviews, receipts, and rotations
repeated ovations. roofs on fire, ice in the basement
dead -ss alive—-n-s, i’m famous
debaters debate this lion mane maintainer
pain lane razors make lasers sharp, shave behavior
anger aimers. you hang what?!? flavor haters
disclaim cuts, then got the guts to ask
me when while my blackheads spit sick
and b-mp in your face like acne skin. never
standing around unless i’m surfing on a donut
clever like sheisty squirrels, labels go nut
for that gold cut. so what?!? they said i look like coal
with an old soul destined to go gold like king tut

[hook: c-rayz walz with scratches by dj a. vee] (x4)
(one) check it. (two) a hot second

[verse 4: c-rayz walz]
i get at ‘em, split atoms/adams, make eve jealous
off the top like broken propellers
rain hard with rockefeller like stone stars
got the giggles. last clash, put my robe on
scalpel in hand, write sharp lines [?]
gone, going, going, gone. extreme
next theme of search: i sip thirst, spit verse
split earth, get worse, then better
i’ll rip it, tell the critics my rhyme did it
like the k-solo ritual of the mind, split it
like nine undivine, blind riches. got the slime
in the lime twitching. i define what
you fear like the blair witch’s stiches. i appear
richless ‘til your eyesight is dismissed
this is train rap, third rail, last car. i’m holding
bars. who want to spar with walz?