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c. venus – jumpin the gate lyrics


i figured, “why wait?”
look i’m bouta skate. the world full of hate
but i’m full of love
i don’t box with a glove
ain’t no god that’s above
it’s the god that’s in me
it’s the god that’s in you
jashuna or blue, heard she run 52
don’t know none of her crew
but i send em my prayers
young n-gg-s ain’t scared
b-tch we ready to die, spit like the head of the fye
picked out the house and the shed i’ma buy
we just need a shot, i’ma get em a try
shit i’m gone put on
marijuana cologne
all cj say is that i’m gone come home
f-ck all the bullshit, i’m jumpin the gate
if they try to stop me, i’m stompin ya mate
knock off the guards, throw the pump in the lake
me and cj hide out in dekalb (with aunt cathy)
burned the whip, but i don’t ride a cab
(and i’m happy)
i could hit the streets and buy a slab
(and i’m cappin)
nicky bands throwin’ me a dirty sticc, he ain’t expecting me to ever bring it back
i ain’t got alot but i can sling a pack
started off too harsh but i’ma bring it back
zip count: jersey number of stojakovic
i brought the semi-automatic here to rock a b-tch
if anybody want it at the speed that john rocker pitch
bow bow bow some cl-ssic waka flocka shit
the crew came ready in the triple threat position
you go look the words up and get the definition
exercising mind, i am good at repetition
i ain’t put up that petition
got a bookbag on a mission here to shut the trap down
yeah, his lil brother rap now
crackers had done put her in a cell
but he got his mother back now
back down
b-tch i buried rocky with my bare hands
we can shoot the one cause i’m a fair man
i’m from off the yine where we break jaws
eat it like a dawg with the steak sauce
if you don’t like me, i don’t like you
to the snakes in the gr-ss: i’ll bite you
shootin at me, i’ma shoot back
in the dirty south with the boot pack
i think my last girl was aware of it but i like it when women wear nothin
i was on hope scholarship, got the dope from crip at the port and them boys ain’t cutting
he said i’d be straight, i should just play it cool
i done dropped out of school
thought i had to wait
but i just counted eight
now i’m jumpin the gate