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c-wing – wavy (prod. felly) lyrics


[verse 1:c-wing]
i swear it’s all good
and i’m all great
seaside feeling, hope that i don’t ever wake
see the gucci
gotta hit the l
free my people from the jail
waves you can tell
i got you, but don’t sell
can’t you tell
i just wanna know you well
(i just wanna know you well)

wavy lost in my mind
losing track of the time
baby p-ss me a prime
to ease my thought
don’t f-ck with no thots
(no no no)
dont f-ck with no thots
(no no no)

[verse 2:c-wing
we out here making movies
banana smoothies
when its hot
we living a lot
we learning a lot
we smoke on that pot
baby whatchu got
(baby whatchu got)
me and my girl we be rollin
rollin so much that i’m swollen
give me the beat and ill make it feel like you’re sitting on the side of the ocean
with that potion
blunt in motion
getting me high
i do this why
momma don’t get it
maybe that’s why
im always feeling this vibe
thats what i do
thats what i do