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cait brennan – revolution road lyrics


out on revolution road, the lights go down
the boys are heading out to some godforsaken town
loading up the van, it’s goodbye again
on the road

out in ordinary town, you were gods
sons of saviours and failures who beat the odds
with an old guitar in hand, you began again
all alone

and oh, we’re all dreamers whose dreams have run
we’re all drinking and singing to crowds of one
searching for tomorrow in a sea of what has gone (chances that are long gone)
but the song carries on

once some million dollar man caught the show
talkin’ labels, and stables and rollin’ in the dough
took some paperwork in hand, and you grabbed the pen
on your own

cause oh, how could you p-ss it up when your ship came in
but oh, when she tanked and sank, how’d you to learn to swim?
is it love or money that makes the fire still burn
will the song ever return?

well they tore down wong’s and they tore down your songs
and they tore you down too
they say your scene is dead and the doctor said
not a d-mn thing you can do
but every generation k!lls its heroes and zeroes with equal aplomb
so don’t you hang your head, ‘cause like the man said
you’ve got to live before you’re gone
so you carry on

out on revolution road the lights are low
the boys are setting up for another lonely show
loadin’ up and then, the dream’s alive again
on the road
yeah, on the road
on the road