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caleb groh – quick-tempered conqueror lyrics


alexander cries under the weight of a conquered world
cutting locks from his conquered curls, babe i’ve never seen him so low
your sister was a right fool to negate the great’s rule
now we’re locked in a lean-to with a puzzle and a jar of halibut stew

maybe we were bound to bray in the belly of a whale
maybe god was come to say, “jonah got to go obey”

your jukebox howls, “i’m a karaoke wolf, honey”
and he cries into the night to the tune of always on my mind
that cats in the backyard take a call to jacquard
and they mew while they stitch hems, at their leisure on the calico fence

maybe we were right to say things were better in the whale
maybe god was come to say, “every flower wilts away”