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caleb tucker & trae perry – allszn cypher lyrics


(verse 1: michael da’losa)
black on black on blacker uh
back on the bat, with the gang on the gas
white man jumps on the game
my camp my fam, i fight my clan
golden ro sham, oh shoooot
i can go off, but i stay on
i’ma go dumb, for the coast
finna slide, i don’t dive
i just cruise, when i ride —
in the whip, issa vibe
cisco-cisco, yah
my team go live in the pit
we on that cloud independent
float like nimbus, sweep like kimbo
that’s my favorite now
wow mikey you sound so full of it
that’s cuz i am, i’m peter pan
i’m a man’s man, wit a plan-plan
pay your loans, don’t pay the interest
stay connected, i lack direction
i’m stoopid-stoopid cuz i lack the balance
i been feeling appeal of my best
thought i had, but it don’t last
do the good good gotta meet an end
for the single moms making ends meet
working 10 & 2 for the drive
wait, i think i found my why, i was made for this
crafted i’m created for the broken and disheartened
i lay my life down in and outta season
that’s my way, that’s the wave

(verse 2: phaino)
breaking records that’s the motto
young kid from toronto
yeah i had to do this pr-nto
look, always keeping it a-hundo
look, very underrated, when i’m spitting these bars
they following me like the north star
cuz i reside from the northside
and i’ma star so they tryna ride
been going hard all season
bringing the sauce and the seasoning
do this for god that’s my reasoning
i’m a young king call me simba
y’all gon remember, 11th of november
my flow so cold like the month of december
my bars stay hot just like someone’s temper
they really tryna tempt ya, they sleeping on me like a slumber
but secretly checking out my numbers, and wonder
is he really gunna steal my thunder?
cuz he really has the hunger to really shine like the summer

(verse 3: nato poppins)
young, independent, we at it again
i get the feeling, we destined to win
me and the brodies, always on 10
they question the vision, cast it again
i was a prophet but then i lost it
used to be married, i hear them gossip
most of y’all mega churches are monsters
you tryna get carried, we got the roster
doubted my faith, doubted-doubted, my faith
some days, it’s like god playing mind games
beautifully broken, i’m in my own lane
looking for room, we can make sp-ce
old friends, looking at me sideways
old friends, say they miss the old nate
they ain’t see what i’m stacking up on my plate
made it out the mud, no debate

(verse 4: caleb tucker)
you know that i got that freedom
you know that i rep my region
new season, with the same reason
boy, guess what, i’m still reaching
all season, my game freezing
don’t you know i ain’t leaving
filling my cup to the brim
i go hard, don’t skip
you know we got it, we lit
we never quit
go all day, we excellent
got the sauce, it’s evident
staying all relevant
i’m up in my element
we on our grind, till the sun up
watch us go hard, from the come up
all day, fill up the cup
we stand out, all up front
i’ve been working all day, all night
get it right, on a flight, so i’m fly just like a kite
i live by the name
i don’t chase the fame
all you look the same
this the game we playing
ain’t no debate that we got no complaints
blowing up like we just threw a grenade
i’m not contained, cause i’m always unfazed
we going up like we flying a plane, all season

(verse 5: trae perry)
monday to monday, going up one way
ain’t follow no script, boy i did it my own way
grinding early mornings yeah i’m easy like sunday
told my people don’t trip, we gon’ make it out one day
look, work-work don’t stop, no days off tops
y’all clean up shop, we stuck to the plot
i can only do me, you summm that ya not
paid the cost to be the boss, y’all boys just talk
been on the move all winter, tryna shine for the summer
still standing my ground, while i see them fall by the hundreds
wasn’t made for average, either it’s all or nothing
on the low-low i’m moving, so they never see me coming
it’s like, we can never fail no matter what
we came to carry out the mission, ain’t no running from us
summer falls to winter, winter springs to summer again
give it 110% i stay prepared for the wins (winds), gone

(outro: trae perry)
aye nah like did y’all get that? like, i stay prepared for the ‘winds’ like the weather, but i stay prepared for the ‘wins’ like the dubs, you feel me? slight work, sheesh