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cali hendrix – reflection lyrics


the image i still see, is so much better
the words i still say, so much clever
words i write to you, you might think it’s a letter
but it raps around you like a polo sweater. because it fits forever

but i’m not hating, lil nigga do your thing
i wanna bring i ring home like i’m lebron james
with great words, that’s not where your success came
you can spit my lyrics, and i won’t understand a d-mn thing

but you hustling for the doe, i respect your grind
but don’t you ever say ” oh, yo this city is mine”
i make bars to k!ll you, that’s a legal crime
if you don’t stop now , i’ll hit you with another red sign

6 god , more like the 6 prince
no further conversation, hash tag blame distance
you back in the city, no telling who you kissin
i seen your name in my phone, got me reminiscin

i have a long road ahead of me, college and all
stop puttin money in your ear and give college a call
i put out music, or something that can help me grow
if you got an idea, let me know

i have to see norway, not your way
teacher address me in hallway
good hands like its allstate
one breath, no take away

hope i live today. now who want it
know what j’s drop, but don’t know about congress
j’s were not made for black people while you talk shit
jordan was in a interview, he admitted it

(hook 2x) :but you caught up in the mean life
got a new belief, you think it change life
but you try it out, yeah it won’t bite
but you feeding into it, that’s the low life

you buy then exchange, that’s a huge sacrifice
every move you make, either begins or ends a life
think about your moves twice
one great move can make an average nigga get by