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callon b – trutherbots lyrics


[verse 1: simple]

i’m robotic a body just got caught
i cordelled the daughter of a millionaire and she’s all on my c-ck
they want me to stop, i slaughtered my way to the top
the cream of the crop i cream in her tw-t
she’s screaming, calling me pop…..eyeee cuz i’m a nut if you can’t see
onomatopeias “bada boom” “bada bing”
shootin dice with my entourage, it’s claymation
i hang clay aiken by 6 stray apr-ns and play satan
hop up on the play station and start aimin at dumb children
who feel like they’re numb but about to succ-mb to this gun weildin
never shoot for the stars i day dream so i shoot for the sun, k!ll it
i’m putting five in the ceiling, four orders of more wh0r-s
3 some, gonna need more to snort for this twin bill-n
i’m the one that you been feelin, and i’m f-ckin exceptional
i put the cheat code in for immortality
i never doubt that i lack morality but i hold myself higher than the voices of a soprano quartet
if jesus psalms is the bar that y’all set
ima carve a staff longer than his and pole vault it
most highly exalted, most likely to drive off of a bridge and land in a dark hallway
and spark up and start battle rapping against a young andre
this is poison out the doctors mouth
eight thousand on crocodile loafers, chauffeurs and edibles
my flow is exceptional, accepted and you better off
my letterman p-ss em off, my extra mint is fresher than your excrement
boy, your sh-t is soft, lyrical van nistelrooy
i load the whole clip, and only let out the opening scene
video game microwav, you can get yo sh-t destroyed
wondering how i write now? bottles thicker than white out
nowhere livin right now, someone p-ss me the white owl
cold c-cked, slow clocks, stone watch ticked off
just to shake the f-ckers thats p-ssed off
peel off, wipe out, no ones home, lights out
bye bye lord only knows that i try
if i spread my wings will i fly?
probably not…

[verse 2: callon b]

off top i’m spazzin you would think i’m like rabbit
out a top hat rappin that white magic
jump out of the box and saw the world at its axis
like alakazam and f-ckin abracadabra
i appear, but i won’t ever trick for my career
and for my next stunt i need a few volunteers to be the new paul revers
the campaign is coming to the nearest hemisphere bet i blow within a year
throw a square within a sphere then i vanish
go off grid in a hammock, free of all distractions i dive in the atlantic
visited atlantis and ended up in bermuda, woke up an ascended saiyan living in a computer
the system’ll get booted and refurbished, quick as chick chosen who they service
like dsl, now tell me if you get it?
i’ll wait, but if you didn’t then forget it
and if you did just tell me if you’re with it
heard that you were christian so you know you’ll be forgiven
organized religion, corporate politicians
the board of education, all should be forbidden
the fort knox gold been missing, where is it?
as the debt grows i only raise my suspicion
so tell me where you spent it? hmm
cuz i know it ain’t backed by gold when you print it
f-ck if you’re offended don’t listen if you is
and if you isn’t than its time to get busy
less actavis more aktavist, before you reach out better this who you rapping with
mr. gyb, the mother f-ckin captain its
no accident how i’m so accurate
3 bulls eyes thats a taurus with a hat trick
back full circle like half cab flips
no practice, all over the net like baskets
or rackets, venus with the back spin
i’m amazing, thank you for asking