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calum graham – wild woman lyrics


i’ve been mistreated and i’ve been abused
all in the wicked name
of loving you
they say that love is blind
and now i see
that woman could have been the death of me
when i was burning in the fire she gave me gasoline
tried to give me water when i was drowning in the sea
she waved from her window when i was out in the rain
she pulled me in
spun me around
like a hurricane
wild wild woman
baby can’t you see?
wild wild woman
i’m down on my knees
she won me over with those sweet sexy eyes
she had me falling for her sweet little lies
oh that girl is dangerous and i’m starting to see
she’s a cold blooded k!ller
of the first degree
wild wild woman
you got a hold on me
wild wild woman
i’m down on my knees